About Me

What do I do? 

I am a private English language teacher to adult learners and I specialize in:

  • conversational classes
  • British accent
  • some types of vocational English

How did it start and what happened later?

It wasn’t until the high school when I started learning English, and it became my true passion pretty quickly 😉 I would, for instance, spent hours with my nose stuck in a dictionary! Naturally, there was no other choice for me than to study English at university. Not only did I obtain the academic degree but I also spent 8 years living in the UK, where I had my all senses absorbed in the English culture 😉

And what about being a teacher?

Well, as the teacher’s daughter, teaching is in my genes 😉 Even when I was still a primary school pupil, I would often explain various matters from different subjects to my peers. When I was studying at university, I was a private tutor, too. After graduating I worked in administration but it wasn’t long before I started working as a self-employed teacher, teaching both in Poland and the UK. Currently, I live in Poland.

Summing up…

It is my absolute joy to share my knowledge with other people as well as to infuse them with the passion for English, which is such a beautiful language 😊

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